An encrypted network drive using iscsi

An encrypted network drive: using iscsi

The motivation is to backup data on a server and encrypt them on the fly. One FreeBSD Webserver and a local linux system is the base setup for this test, which finally worked out quiet well: I was able to create an encrypted network device, which gets decrypted on the local machine.

The FreeBSD Server

Setup remote freebsd machine:

append rc.conf with:

start both:

The Linux Host

Connect to the freebsd server and redirect port 3260 (over which iscsi works). After that the remote iscsi device is available locally and that is why I have used and [::1] (for ipv6) in the /etc/ctl.conf. The device gets created under /dev/, is initialized by luksFormat, gets a device node under mapper, which gets the unencrypted version of the device, on which i finally created an ext3 file system (which might not be the best choice)