package management


There is no watch(8) in the base system, but a package cmdwatch(8) under FreeBSD, which does not support intervals under one second. But we know how to help ourselves, don’t we:

We can manually adjust the resolution and other screen properties of the console:

Check, which kernel is currently installed against which one is currently running (read: tell, if a reboot is required):

Change the name of the root user (from its default Charlie Root)

oder zusammen mit anderen Angaben im $Editor:

problems and solutions

Issue: It is not possible to add, modify or delete users using pw(8) or adduser(8) and one of the following messages is shown:
This happens, when the password files get out of sync. To synchronize /etc/passwd, /etc/master.passwd and /etc/pwd.db one of the following commands can be used:
Issue: Crashes in the night time
check your cronjobs, because you may have several instances of find / running within the security check pre-configured to run at 03:01. Furthermore the pkg-backup script uses xz to compress. Watch out for simultanious running jobs in jails and try not to execute the jobs in parallel. Add daily_backup_pkg_jails="*" to your /etc/periodic.conf.local to have the host executing the pkg backup script, deactivate it in every jail with something like and you are good to go (I have no good solution for the security job atm).

loader.conf typo in module name and boot kernel panic

This may even prevent you from entering single user mode, but can easily be fixed using the boot loader prompt:

would effectively override vesa_enable="YES" in /boot/loader.conf

J1900: No sound

disable bell (console beep)

or permanently:

keyboard: repeat rate

WiFi in FreeBSD 11

FreeBSD does not automatically create a wlan0-device. Also ifconfig cannot longer be used to find the devices name. Instead there is a new sysctl value, which can be used like this:

(where for some reason using wpa_passphrase (3) did not work for me, just plain text passwords)

Slow WiFi Speed

The reason may be a misconfigured country code, which leads to reduced trasmission power rate.

Also I found some Forum posts where -ht was added to improve the stability. Notice, that using this option also reduces the transfer speeds dramatically.

Package Management

Information about the currently installed packages are in the file
/var/db/pkg/local.sqlite, which should therefore be backed up,
where deleting /var/db/pkg/repo-FreeBSD.sqlite will recreate (and may therefore ‘repair’) the package database next time one runs pkg.

The /etc/pkg/FreeBSD.conf contains the url to the pkg database. By default it is set to pkg+${ABI}/quarterly, but it can make sense to use latest instead of quarterly when using ports and pkg’s at the same time, because they are theoretically in sync (practically there are other ports trees which may not be in sync, but not in the default configuration).

– thanks to blackflow on irc/freenode