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As the SIP specification is very comprehensive it is not easy to find simple plain text tests. I found it is possible to make a simple call by sending this

The INVITE is to invite a person to participate on a call, that means ‘ringing’. Changing this value to OPTIONS just returns information about the called person and can be used for remote monitoring tools (see below). The in this example was a machine running an asterisk as advanced voicemail service, but could also have been the number of an internet service provider.

Icinga/Nagios configuration

In order to check your SIP configuration you can try this (notice: this is the place where this snippet firstly appeared)

This snippet must be modified to suit your needs. Especially the phone number of cause, which is the one after the OPTIONS sip:. Keep in mind, that Icinga allows {{{ and }}} for multi line configuration values and nagios does not *afaik*.