LCDd extension: maxilcd

My LCDd extensions is a simple bash script and it integrates well with lcdproc. Nevertheless it displays things I missed in lcdproc:

  • ip-address
  • hostname
  • hard disk(s) temperatures
  • CPU utilization
  • CPU temperature (alias physical id 0)


  • Make sure, that LCDd is running. Your tools:
    If you see a permission denied error, then a restart helps for an unknown reason.
  • The service name may be LCDd on your system. It recently changed to lowercase letters on arch.

  • (optional) Setup hddtemp and enable it’s service. This will reduce the amount of temperature readings.
  • (optional) Make sure, that you have netcat installed. It is expected to have a binary, called nc somewhere in your path. Some distributions deliver ncat in which case a Symlink will do as well (or change the script)

The Program

Copy the following bash script and remember its name:

In this example I have copied the script to /usr/local/bin and if you had chosen an other path do not forget to change it in the following starter script as well. The following systemd.service must be copied to /etc/systemd/system/ and activated with systemctl start maxilcd.

If that works enable it as well using