unix rosetta

This cheat sheet is under development

purpose Arch Fedora FreeBSD debian
list files installed by a specific binary package pacman -Ql pkg rpm -ql pkg pkg info -l pkg dpkg-query -L pkg
list verbose information about an available, but not installed binary package pacman -Qi pkg pkg search -f pkg
create a loopback device out of a file modprobe loop loop_max=16 && losetup /dev/loop0 [file] modprobe loop loop_max=16 && losetup -o32256 /dev/loop0 [file] mdconfig -f [file] /dev/md0
create a loopback device out of a file sudo [username] sudo [username] su -m [username]
list block devices lsblk ls -l /dev/disk/by-id/ geom disk list

Programs (alternatives)

Indesign : Scribus
Photoshop : Krita or Gimp
Illustrator : Inkscape

Basis tools

dc – desktop calculator

One of the oldest unix programs (even older then C) is hard to use, but available within all distributions, sometimes as part of bc, but bc is much newer. It uses reverse-polish notation and works by putting inputs on an internal stack. The input can be done line-wise, but also joined into one: